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You also don’t have someone to help you get it hooked up, and if you have to work with customer service over the phone, it can become stressful. Still, there’s something that feels quite nice about being able to install the system yourself and to get it working right. Some security systems require incorporating your new system with your existing wiring which means you will need to have the right tools for the job. Anytime you’re dealing with wiring and electricity, you really need to know exactly what you’re doing and have the tools to do it properly. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your new equipment, your existing wiring, or creating a fire hazard if it is not installed properly. So unless you truly know what you’re doing, you should probably opt for professional installation, especially if your new security system will need to be hardwired.

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For user experience tests, we see what each system and its companion smartphone app can do.

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com and iControl are the two biggest.

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If you have a hardwired system and everything is compatible then there are no additional fees to install.